How Can A Chiropodist Help?

Mississauga chiropodistThe terms ìchiropodistî and ìpodiatristî both refer to health professionals who treat and diagnose problems with the lower limbs including the feet and ankles but not the knees.  Since 1977 the term podiatrist has been used as a general term in countries like the UK and Australia, although ìchiropodistî is still the preferred term in the US.

What is Chiropody?

The practices chiropody involves the assessment, treatment and prevention of disorders and diseases of the feet and ankles by means of therapeutic, orthotic, palliative and surgical means.  Mississauga chiropodists are medical practitioners who have undergone  established programs and examinations recognized by government and includes treatment of the following conditions:

–    Foot and heel pain
–    Flat foot treatment
–    Plantar fasciitis
–    Diabetic foot care
–    Arthritic foot care
–    Sports injuries
–    Problems with toenails, such as ingrown or thickened nails.
–    Child foot care
–    Geriatric foot treatments
–    Ulcerations of the feet
–    Wart, corn and callus removal
–    Bunions
–    Hammer toes
–    Infections of the nails and skin of the feet

They also recommend the use of orthotic products such as arch supports, insole therapy, orthotic devices and provide education regarding the correct care of the feet and toenails.  Some chiropodists are able to provide treatment for back and leg pain caused by foot problems.

What Qualifications Does a Chiropodist Need?

Chiropody training takes seven to eight years and consists of a curriculum that combines courses in medical science with specialized courses in biomechanics, podiatric medicine, physical therapy, pharmacology, pediatrics, soft tissue surgery and local and general anesthesia. After completion of a Chiropody Program, students obtain a Bachelor Degree in Science and have to pass the Provincial Board Examination before they are allowed to practice chiropody as regulated professionals.

A chiropodist can assess and diagnose problems associated with the feet and ankles, provide orthopedic footwear and custom orthotics, perform surgery and prescribe drugs. Chiropody plays a particularly important role in assisting older citizens with foot problems to remain mobile and comfortable in their old age.