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Five of the Best Colombian Coffee Brands

Best Colombian Coffee

Best Colombian Coffee

Coffee brands which use coffee beans that originate in Colombia are the best of the best in the world of coffee and the flavors they provide. The climate in Colombia is perfect for growing coffee beans, the Western borders face the ocean from the Caribbean and Pacific sea providing some of the most lush agricultural regions in the entire world. The conditions which are perfect for agricultural farming make it easy to understand why the Colombian coffee beans found in Colombian coffee brands are the most popular and desired the world over.

Here are five of the top Colombian coffee brands which we suggest you enjoy:

1. Cafè Don Pablo Colombian Supremo

The medium to dark roasted Colombian coffee bean collection is manufactured by Cafe Don Pablo. Many say that the taste is very rich yet not at all bitter and the after taste it offers is quite mellow. The taste is clean and smooth and the flavors far from acidic. These coffee beans are much cheaper than many high quality coffee beans offered by farmers yet of the same high quality caliber. The value is found to be excellent especially for that price.

2. Koffee Kult

This medium roast is very smooth and said to have a taste which is full bodied, absolutely amazing. Many compare the fullness of this blends taste to be an excellent choice for making espresso. This has to be a great indicator of the richness of flavor this coffee bean offers.

3. Coffee Crazy

For starters it is important to point out that this coffee is incredibly delicious. These Colombian Arabica coffee beans are organically grown and offered in a medium to light roast, there are however those who prefer light roasts and actually describe these Colombian beans as being medium to dark in roast. Regardless of the roast you believe them to be, there is no denying how delicious they are. These beans are also Fair Trade certified.

4. 100% Colombian Supremo

This 100% Colombian Supremo coffee is produced by Fresh Roasted Coffee. The preparation is environmentally friendly with the use of a special roasting machine containing top of the line art hybrid drum roasting technologies reducing greenhouse emissions by eighty percent. People who enjoy this particular Colombian coffee blend say that it has undertones of milk chocolate, honey, caramel and cherry.

5. Colombian Santa Marta

One of the of the best coffee bean from Colombia provided by First Colony is the Colombian Santa Marta. This organic roast offers a great tasting medium roast which is not bitter yet quite deep and rich. Many people are surprised at what a great price an organic category bean can be sold at.

These are just five of the best Colombian coffee bean brands. Colombian bean coffee blends are popular for a reason, they’re rich, full bodied taste is one that can not be compared. There are many online stores which offer a variety of Colombian coffee blends however, if you are looking to purchase some of the best Colombian coffee at a great price check out You won’t be disappointed.

Choose A Charming Restaurant South Beach Has To Offer

Restaurant in South Beach

Restaurant in South Beach

Miami Beach of ‘South Beach’ has some of the top restaurants in the nation, let alone the city. Vacationing in South Beach will have you dining on all kinds of great food dishes available in a variety of cuisines. Have you ever been to Miami before? Locals can tell you just how good the food is there, as many restaurant owners in Miami branch out to bring great restaurants to other cities around the US, too.

As a matter of fact, one of the restaurant owners in Miami just opened up a restaurant here in Myrtle Beach, the place I call home. Even in a city with over 1,000 restaurants available to tourists and locals, I am well aware that Miami Beach has us beat when it comes to great restaurants. Which restaurant South Beach are you going to stop by first?

Scarpetta is one of the top ranked restaurants in South Beach. You will find some great Italian food there. Are you familiar with coconut panna catta? You might try some new things here and open yourself up to a whole new world when it comes to Italian cuisine. Next up is The Bazaar, which is going to bring you all kinds of dishes you’ve yet to try. Have you ever eaten smoked oysters?

If that doesn’t sound like your thing, they have all kinds of dishes that might fit your fancy, yet you might not recognize the names. It will be an experience to remember. Your next restaurant South Beach stop can be The Dutch. Are you up for some red snapper or some lamb ragu? Again, this is yet another restaurant that is going to serve up dishes you just don’t get to eat every day.

That is what I would want to look for in a new place. Of course, you want to make sure you’re going to be eating things you like. In other words, a bit of the familiar doesn’t hurt either. So why don’t we move on now to a pizza restaurant that is well known in South Beach. Visa-O1 Extraordinary Pizza is the place to be if you’re wanting a pizza pie in South Beach.

There are a few other great pizza restaurants there as well, but this one is the top ranked pizza place according to a major travel site. Bolivar Restaurant and Lounge is next up, and this is your place to get South American cuisine. Now, I know you’re not in South America, but that is the cool thing about Miami. All cultures come together here, which means you can try any type of cuisine you can imagine.

If you need a few more restaurant recommendations, try Hakkasan, Otentic Fresh Food Restaurant and Texas de Brazil. You’re going to have a blast visiting all the attractions and hanging out on the beach. Now you know where to catch a good meal, and all that’s left to do is decide which one of these great restaurants gets your attention first.