Top 5 Reasons For Buying Handmade Artisan Jewelry

Handmade Artisan Jewelry

Handmade Artisan Jewelry

You can include handmade artisan jewelry in your jewelry collection because of many reasons and as this type of jewelry becomes increasingly popular, reasons for buying it will also increase. Handcrafted jewelry never goes out of style just as its mass produced sterling silver and precious gemstones counterparts. Here are the top five reasons why you should consider buying handmade jewelry.

1.    It Makes For Excellent Gifts

The variety available with handmade jewelry makes it a fantastic idea. Handmade beaded jewelry is particularly an excellent gift idea since it is easy to care for and store. When choosing handmade jewelry, consider choosing a jewelry set comprising of a pair of earrings, bracelet, and necklace for a truly amazing gift. You can find this kind of jewelry at Ten Thousand Villages at

2.    Appropriate For A Wide Variety Of Occasions

The variety available in handmade jewelry also makes it the appropriate accessory for almost every occasion. For formal events consider choosing handmade jewelry with sterling silver accents. This type of jewelry will accent the formal wear and not detract from your look or steal all the attention. At parties consider wearing something bolder and bigger such as chunky bracelets or jewelry with jangling beads to help you get noticed. Handmade jewelry applies to every situation or event.

3.    Unique

Even though a wide variety of handmade jewelry is available to choose from, each piece is ultimately unique. Since no mass production is involved in the creation of this type of jewelry, each piece will have its individual differences even though it may be part of the artisan’s collection. You will most likely be the only person with that piece of jewelry.

4.    It Can Be The Signature Piece Of Your Collection

You can easily make handcrafted jewelry the signature piece of your collection. This signature piece is the one that you wear to host parties and that always gets you compliments. Since handmade jewelry is so unique and quite easy to create ensembles around, your elegant pendant necklace, thick beaded bracelet, or charming cocktail ring will definitely become a go-to piece in the jewelry box.

5.    It Is Affordable

It is just amazing how inexpensive quality handmade jewelry can be.  Since the jewelry is not attached to a big designer’s name, it can be quite inexpensive. However, inexpensive here does not translate to low quality. Handmade jewelry is of amazing quality since it is handmade. This is a paradox that makes handmade jewelry a great investment for your jewelry collection.

Handmade artisan jewelry is an excellent choice of jewelry for the reasons discussed in this article. Today, this type of jewelry is increasing in popularity as people continually seek out unique pieces. If you would also like to own some of this jewelry, you should consider visiting Ten Thousand Villages at  It is a place where you can buy some amazing handcrafted pieces at excellent prices. Visit it today and see the pieces that you will find. It is simply amazing!