Designer Eyeglasses Frames Buying Guide

designer eyeglasses imageContrary to other accessories that are only visible at the vision’s periphery or in glimpses, eyeglasses are undoubtedly the center and front of the wearer’s eye. In addition, glasses tend to serve a practical purpose for majority of the wearers whether it is shielding the eyes or correcting vision. For people who rely heavily on sunglasses, finding frames that are flattering, comfortable and suitable for the lenses they contain is very important for any individual who puts on glasses for fashion or function. When looking for eyeglasses, there are some aspects you must bear in mind. Read through this article for an insight on buying sunglasses frames.

Frame Materials

Although some custom-made pairs can be made of unusual materials lie bone or wood, majority of the frames are made of metal and hardened plastic. For the case of metal sunglasses frames, titanium, stainless steel and some other durable alloys are used for making sunglasses frames. Titanium is a metal used in medical implants and aircraft. Its non-reactive properties make it a good option for individuals who suffer from metal allergies. Stainless steel is quite heavier than titanium but is cheaper and has diverse finishes. Plastic sunglasses frames are lightweight and highly economical. Most of the designer eyeglass frames are mostly made of plastic due to the variety of styles and the special effects that can be achieved with the versatile material. Wearers who love colorful frames should consider plastic frames because they offer a rainbow of hue to choose from. Most plastic frames are usually solid whereas others possess a thin metal framework in the core for extra strength.

Eyeglass Frame Shapes

Facial proportions usually fall into different general face shapes and it is important to consider the frame shape prior to buying designer eyeglass frames. To begin with, oval faces are balanced and symmetrical with overall proportions that are a bit longer than they are wide. This kind of face shape is known to work well with any contemporary or classic eyeglass frames but large frames could ruin elegant proportions of the shape. Go for oval or rectangular frames that are wider than they are tall.

A round face is usually wide across the mid-face. Squared-off or rectangular frames complement a round face and give it a greater definition while the circular frames accentuate the facial roundness. Try to avoid short frames whose width is not proportional to the face since they can make the face appear wider. A square face has the same width from the forehead to the jawline. Since square faces are angular, go for eyeglass frames featuring round curves and shapes to harmonize with the facial distinctive features. Vintage cat-eye frames work well with this kind of face shape. Angular or square frames can be seem distracting on a square face.

For eyeglasses that will be used daily, comfort is not an option. For glasses meant to optimize vision, the pupil should be just above the lenses midpoint. Fashion lenses on the other hand, the focal point does not matter.