Amazing Style With Custom Tailored Dress Shirts

shirt buttonIn fashion, while it is convenient to quickly pick up whatever is on the rack that is closest to your size, nothing compares to getting custom tailored dress shirts. The ability to customize every aspect from fabric type, collar or none, larger or shorter cuffs, monograms and especially having the shirt tailored exactly to your body type makes tailored dress shirts way more attractive, especially with prices making them more accessible.

Only thought to be reserved for the affluent, today’s marketplace brings global advantages to just about anyone. With technology always improving, one has no excuse not to be at least considering adding custom tailored dress shirts to their wardrobe collection. Read on for tips on what this flexibility has to offer while also ordering the right dress shirt for you.

Know your personal style well before attempting to order a custom shirt since the options may overwhelm you that your first order may actually be a mess. Understand that while options are a plenty, if you’re ordering a shirt for the office, stick to traditional colors and styles. Blue or white will always work in these situations. Consider maybe injecting a stylish pocket or cuff, but also ensure it’s not something that stands out too much as it’s not so appropriate in the workplace.

The important difference in office wear will be the superb fit you will have and even if your body type may not be what you’d consider ideal, a custom tailored shirt will do well to improve how anyone looks. Now, when you are designing shirts for going out, one can add a bit more flair such as brighter colors and collarless styles. The possibilities truly become endless so at first, choose shirt styles that make sense and expand as your collection grows.

Special fabrics like wrinkle resistant kinds should be almost standard in your selection. Cotton fabric for the warmer summer months and blends or wool can be used for the cooler seasons. Again, test the tried and true standard collar, plain front, left breast pocket and single button cuffs to ensure you have at least the basics down. Experiment with pointed, wing or turned down collars, French cuffs and possibly eliminating the breast pockets. Adding more buttons to your cuffs are subtle way to make a huge difference in appearance.

As one can see, the variations of what you can do really are limitless so start today with taking advantage of getting that perfectly fitted dress shirt.